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Buy stromectol online uk - Buy ivermectin uk

Ard Nua Student Accommodation is set in a mature and landscape wooded student village overlooking Lough Gill, on the outskirts of Sligo town.

The Village has individual groups of residences set out around court yards and spacious landscaped gardens. Apartments and town houses are tastefully furnished and offer a fully equipped kitchen and living room.

A self service laundrette is located in the reception complex. Machines are operated by tokens which may be purchased from staff at the reception.

Single Room
Home from Home
Safe, secure, tastefully decorated
buy stromectol online uk

Student Accommodation


Small Apartments

3 - 4 Person Apartments

Large Apartments

6 - 7 Person Apartments


5 - 7 Person Townhouses

Type of

Rooms Options

Luxury Single Ensuite

Find out more

Available in Apartments & Townhouses

Large single ensuite rooms with double beds, single occupancy, a widescreen TV and luxury furnishings. Limited in number.

Single Ensuite

Find out more

Available in Apartments only

Generous ensuite rooms with large single bed and your own ensuite bathroom. Limited in number.


Find out more

Available in Apartments & Townhouses

Generous single rooms with large single bed, sharing a bathroom.


Find out more

Available in Two Bedroom Apartments

Twin room with 2 large single beds and shared en-suite. Ideal for those on a budget.



Ard Nua Student Accommodation Sligo - Large Apartment living room example

Fully furnished living space

Ready, steady, cook...

Ard Nua Student Accommodation Sligo - Kitchen layout

All you need is your duvet, pillows and bed linen

Studying in


Buy stromectol online uk - Buy ivermectin uk

buy ivermectin australia