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Sligo Town
Enchanting Sligo
Sligo Walks
Sligo Golf
Sligo Horse Riding
Sligo Pubs
Sligo Castles
Cultural Sligo - W. B. Yeats

Ard Nua self catering accommodation village is situated in a secure gated village, surrounded by mature landscaped gardens - the perfect family friendly environment for your summer stay in Sligo.

Free and plentiful parking, bike sheds and only 15 minutes walk to the town centre - ideal to explore Sligo as well as enjoy the hustle and bustle of Sligo town.

Double Ensuite

Find out more
Large ensuite rooms with double beds, a widescreen TV and luxury furnishings. *Limited in number.

Single Ensuite

Find out more
Generous ensuite rooms with large single bed and your own ensuite bathroom.


Find out more
Generous single rooms with large single bed, sharing a bathroom.


Find out more
Twin room with 2 large single beds and shared en-suite.

Self catering accommodation at Ard Nua is available during June, July and August, with a minimum stay of 5 nights.

Discover Sligo - Build Memories

Surf at Strandhill Beach

Walk Knocknarea (Overlooking Strandhill)

Climb Spectacular Benbulben

Explore Rosses Point

Links Golf at Rosses Point or Strandhill

Horse Riding at Mullaghmore

Discover Sligo's Castle's from Markree to Rosslee

Explore Sligo's quaint Towns and Villages

Cultural and Historic Sites (Diarmuid and Grainne's Cave)

Poetic Heritage - W. B. Yeats
(Lake Isle of Inishfree)
(Buried at Drumcliffe)

Must See Pubs
(Beach Bar - Aughris Head)

Craft Village and Farmers Markets

Breakfast at the Beach

Lunch along the River

Dine in Style

Traditional Evening Hooley

buy stromectol scabies online