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For luxury student accommodation in Sligo look no further than Ard Nua. Since 2001, our team have built a renowned reputation for Ard Nua as luxury student accommodation in Sligo. Cleanliness, quality furnishings, and a safe and secure student environment are core to our offerings. Our on-site reception and maintenance team are here when you need us to get issues resolved instantly, and our knowledgeable and experienced staff are always here for you.

We have on-site laundry facilities and a concierge postal service, which ensures no post or parcel is missed while you're in college.
Electricity charges are paid as a one off payment at the beginning of the year. This ensures you're never without heat or power and you don't have to worry about asking your housemates to pay their share of the bill.

Our wealth of experience in the student property market helps take the stress out of college living, so you can concentrate on what matters most.

Types of

Order ivermectin mastercard, Order stromectol over the counter


Townhouses for 4 /5 /6 /7 Persons


Apartments for 3 / 6 / 7 Persons



Luxury Single Ensuite

Find out more

Available in Apartments & Townhouses

Large single ensuite rooms with double beds, single occupancy, a widescreen TV and luxury furnishings. Limited in number.

Single Ensuite

Find out more

Available in Apartments only

Generous ensuite rooms with large single bed and your own ensuite bathroom. Limited in number.


Find out more

Available in Apartments & Townhouses

Generous single rooms with large single bed, sharing a bathroom.


Find out more

Available in Two Bedroom Apartments

Twin room with 2 large single beds and shared en-suite. Ideal for those on a budget.

Amenities &


Secure Parking

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On premise parking available, with fob for barrier entry/exit

On-site Reception & Staff

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Here for you when you need us

Mail Holding

See more
Get your mail delivered safely even when you aren't in

On-site Laundry Facilities

See more
Industrial machines for speedy washing and drying

CCTV & Caretaker

See more
We've got your back night and day

Unlimited Wifi

See more
Available throughout your property

Student Life in


Order ivermectin mastercard, Order stromectol over the counter

Studying in


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